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Magento可配置产品价格 - 使用超级产品

I am trying to configure Magento to use this prices for configurable product:

Configurable product "T-shirt"
Simple products:

"T-shirt" - color: blue; size: s; price: 1200
"T-shirt" - color: blue; size: m; price: 1300
"T-shirt" - color: blue; size: l; price: 1300

"T-shirt" - color: red; size: s; price: 1300
"T-shirt" - color: red; size: m; price: 1300
"T-shirt" - color: red; size: l; price: 1300

How to setup this in Magento store? I was trying to set -100 to color blue, but then all products that have blue color are -100.

Is there a way to do this?

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    dongyanju0945 dongyanju0945 2014-05-25 14:30

    You could try this free extension: Simple Configurable Products. It allows you to set price of simple products in its properties, not in configurable product. Which I think simplifies everything.

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