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I have a function that deletes a set of cookies on customer logout, my problem is that every time a cookie is deleted on logout - when the customer returns to the website and logs back in it is generated again, and when it's generated again a number is appended to the end.

Cookie Name's are generated as follows,


and can go all the way up to the 100's.

My question is is there a way in PHP to say, if the string matches this criteria affiliate_account_code_* like using a wild card in the terminal? Is there a way to try and catch any number that is appended to the string.

After searching

PHP wildcard

I found that there is a fnmatch() function, having never used it I am unsure if it's suitable for the above.

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我有一个在客户注销时删除一组cookie的功能,我的问题是每次删除一个cookie 注销时 - 当客户返回到网站并重新登录时,会再次生成,当再次生成时,会在末尾附加一个数字。 </ p>

Cookie名称生成如下,</ p>

 </ code> </ pre> 
 \  n 

并且可以一直到100. </ p>

我的问题是PHP中是否有一种方法可以说,如果字符串符合此条件 affiliate_account_code _ * < / code>喜欢在终端中使用外卡? 有没有办法尝试捕获附加到字符串的任何数字。</ p>

搜索后</ p>

PHP通配符</ p> </ blockquote>

我发现有一个 fnmatch()</ code>函数,从未使用它我不确定它是否适合上述。</ p > </ div>

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