2013-12-01 20:01


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  • mysql

I have a table "data" with a column "name" "state" and a few more

name     state
peter     MN
john      NY
jay       NY
sam       CO
jack      TX
jill      NO

I want to calculate the number of entries per state and want my output as follows for example:

NY: 125
MN: 21
CO: 17
TX: 10
NO: 59


I have a query like this

$stmt = $db->query("SELECT state, COUNT(*) FROM `data` GROUP BY state;");
$nums = $stmt->rowCount();
while ($row = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)){
echo "<tr>
       <td>" . $row["state"] . "</td>

This displays every state in my table but does not return the corresponding number of entries for that state. This only returns the number of states i.e. 50. How can I display the number of entries per state?

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