2013-10-30 03:15
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我的下拉导航菜单不会停留。 无法点击子页面

I have a site in development at: http://www.spark-creative.ca/ftt/index.php

On the homepage, in all browsers, the top nav bar works, but there are 3 sections with dropdown submenus - About Us, Training, and Careers. These dropdown subnavs should stay down until a user clicks on a subpage, but they disappear once I mouse off the main top nav.

This worked fine for a while, but has stopped working recently during recent construction, and not sure why.

The inside pages of the site do not have this issue, and work as intended.

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我的网站正在开发中: http://www.spark-creative.ca/ftt/index.php

在主页上, 所有浏览器,顶部导航栏都有效,但有3个部分有下拉子菜单 - 关于我们,培训和职业。 这些下拉子项应该保持不变,直到用户点击子页面,但是一旦我离开主顶部导航,它们就会消失。


网站的内页做了 没有这个问题,并按预期工作。

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  • douliao5942 2013-10-30 03:53

    There is a gap between menu list and menu item that breaks the hover. Either delete the <div class="top_shadow_home"></div> inside middle_content_holder inside container_full or remove the gap from css.


    It looks like top_shadow_home is breaking the hover. When it is removed it is working fine.

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