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谷歌是否读取动态修改的<title>标签? [关闭]

My app is built in a fashion similar to Facebook in that it uses a form of pagelets which are generated asynchronously and then sent to the page and injected via javascipt.

This means that I have to set to pages title via javascript also. My small understanding of SEO lads me to believe that the tag is extremely important and defines not only what google displays as the title in search results but it will also play a huge part in defining your rankings.

Therefore, my question is:

Does google read, process and taking into account dynamically inserted title tags?


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    douduxia1551 douduxia1551 2012-09-19 17:46

    It does, if you use the hashbang (#!) to show that it's scrape-able AND you generate the data for Googl to scrape properly, such as with a headless browser, see more:

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