I've started looking into writing a Settlers of catan clone. I would like this to be handled in php (+mysql) as much as possible since the idea is a turned based game for multiple players that just join with their web broser.

I've created the game map, except for the numbers on the tiles that decides if you get a resource or not when rolling the dice.

The best way, I think, would be to at game start pick a tile and assign it a random value from the database (each time reducing the number of options as we pcik new ones). That value points to an image that overlays the tile. After that store the coordinates for the tile and the value in the database for future reference. Then repeat for the next tile.

Does this makes sence? How would any of you do it? As I said I'm happy to keep it in php as much as possible.

Thanks in advance.

2012/08/20 05:17
  • random
  • image
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