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I have table "Owner" in my database where one of the field (System) saved data from a textarea box.

Table Owner;

staf_id || name || system

Below is an example of input of the textarea box;


The example shows that each line represent different types system. How am I going to call data from the system field to the table below?


When it is called, the columns "Staf ID" and "Name" will increase its rowspan based on the input in the textarea. Is it possible to do that?

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    duanchuiwen6694 duanchuiwen6694 2012-05-21 04:04

    In php you could use:

    $rows_in_text_area = explode( "
    ", $system );

    Which should give you the number of rows of text in the text area. From there it should be straight forward to use the $rows_in_text_area for the rowspan in the staff ID and name cells like this:

    <td rowspan="$rows_in_text_area">$name</td>
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  • douyong6589 douyong6589 2012-05-21 04:00

    "The example shows that each line represent different types system." - this is an example of bad table structure. You should have a new table System with the following columns (example: StaffID, System

    But if you want to use it this way and going back to your question:no it will not increase the rowspan. It will just make the System cell bigger. If you did not convert new line characters into
    not even that because text will display in a single row.

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