2012-03-26 10:43
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CodeIgniter ionAuth库 - 无法获取用户对象?

I am using Codeigniter 2.1 with the latest version of IonAuth (

I am having a problem getting the user object using the method described in the documentation, in the previous version of IonAuth this worked fine - but now this doesn't seem to work - see the screenshots below to see what I mean.

All I am doing is just outputting this in the code :-


Any ideas what I am doing wrong or is there a bug in the latest iteration of IonAuth?

P.S The first link is how it looks now - the latter link is how it used to look (grabbed from an existing project) - I know I could just downgrade the IonAuth to the older version but i'd prefer to keep it if possible.

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我正在使用Codeigniter 2.1和最新版本的IonAuth(

我在使用文档中描述的方法获取用户对象时遇到问题 ,在之前版本的IonAuth中,这种方法运行良好 - 但现在这似乎不起作用 - 请参阅下面的屏幕截图,看看我的意思。

我所做的只是输出这个 在代码中: -

  $ this-> ion_auth-> user(); 

任何 想法我做错了或者最近一次迭代的IonAuth中有错误吗?

PS第一个链接是它现在的样子 - 后一个链接是它过去的样子(从现有项目中抓取) - 我知道我可以将IonAuth降级为 旧版本,但我希望尽可能保留它。

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