2011-11-02 04:01
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i've been writing a simple text to speech php script that works with festvox, i've been trying to use it but it seems the part i cant get is running the text to wave converter, shell script. here is the code i've created so far,

<form action="index.php" method="get">
Say: <input type="text" name="say" />
<input type="submit" />
$myFile = "test.txt";
$fh = fopen($myFile, 'w') or die("can't open file");
$stringData = $_GET["say"];
fwrite($fh, $stringData);
shell_exec('text2wave /var/www/text.txt -otype aiff -o /var/www/out.aiff');

so i was wondering what possible errors i could have mad, any help?

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我一直在编写一个简单的文本到语音php脚本,与festvox一起使用,我一直在尝试使用 但它似乎我无法获得的部分是运行文件到波形转换器,shell脚本。 这是我到目前为止创建的代码,

 &lt; form action =“index.php”method =“get”&gt; 
Say:&lt; input type =  “text”name =“say”/&gt; 
&lt; input type =“submit”/&gt; 
&lt; / form&gt; 
 $ myFile =“test.txt”; 
 $ fh =  fopen($ myFile,'w')或死(“无法打开文件”); 
 $ stringData = $ _GET [“say”]; 
fwrite($ fh,$ stringData); 
 nclclose($ fh)  ; 
shell_exec('text2wave /var/www/text.txt -otype aiff -o /var/www/out.aiff'); 
 < 那么我想知道我可能会发生什么样的错误,有什么帮助吗? 
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  • dopuz8728 2011-11-02 04:06

    What error messages are you getting? But if I'd to guess from that code, and that shell_exec command works from the CLI, then try using the full path to the text2wave program.

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