2011-09-06 08:01
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What i should do to use ActiveX on php?

I have a few dll, that implements connection to db. But i don't know, how to use them on php. I understand, that i can't write smt like require('mylib.dll'), but what should i do?

So, the first question is: how to "include" dll in php code?

And the second is: How use ActiveX objects in code?

i'll expect smt like this:

$obj = new ActiveXObject("MyActiveX.MyConnection");

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如何在 php 上使用 ActiveX

我有一些dll,它实现了与db的连接。 但我不知道,如何在php上使用它们。 我明白,我不能写像需要('mylib.dll')的smt,但我该怎么办? < 那么,第一个问题是: 显示在PHP代码中“包含”dll?

第二个是: 如何在代码中使用ActiveX对象?


  $ obj = new ActiveXObject(“MyActiveX.MyConnection”); 
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  • doudilin1225 2011-09-06 08:17

    I guess it is possible using the COM Functions.

    I don't know if it works for your specific ActiveX-Controls since they have to implement IDispatch otherwise the "dynamic" access to the methods won't work. And as far as I know you can't import a typelib in PHP.

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