2011-04-23 22:53
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I've got a pure, working, PHP application with its own specific and complicated MSSQL database.

In Rails, I want to receive data from this app without any SQL adapters, because it's too complicated to run queries directly from Rails.

For example, there is a getCustomersWithAccounts method it PHP database that returns array of clients. How can I get this array from my Rails app?

Maybe use the PHP-CLI and run /usr/bin/php5 get_customers.php, which will print the JSON array. But how to implement this from Rails?

Now I use shared memcached keys.

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我有一个纯粹的,有效的PHP应用程序,它有自己特定而复杂的MSSQL数据库。</ p>

在Rails中,我希望从没有任何SQL适配器的应用程序接收数据,因为直接从Rails运行查询太复杂了。</ p>

例如,有 一个 getCustomersWithAccounts </ code>方法,它返回返回客户端数组的PHP数据库。 如何从我的Rails应用程序中获取此数组?</ p>

也许使用PHP-CLI并运行 / usr / bin / php5 get_customers.php </ code>,这将打印 JSON数组。 但是如何从Rails实现呢?</ p>

现在我使用共享的memcached密钥。</ p> </ div>

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