2015-05-08 14:46

jquery .load不使用函数参数

I have an onLoad method in my html body that is calling a function to load certain data based on the php variables in my url.

body onLoad="getData(<?php echo $_GET['Category']; ?>, <?php echo $_GET['Product']; ?>);"

This is my onLoad call: Which when I check googles chrome inspect element it is displaying the two variables names when i run the page.

function getData(Category, Product){

My function is this but for some reason if I pass in the parameters onload from above it does not work but if i use getData() with no variables it runs. Im not understanding why if the variables are used its not running the .load. Am I not calling the URL variables correctly in php?

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  • douqie1816 douqie1816 6年前

    I think you need to wrap your variables in quotes if they are strings:

    body onLoad="getData('<?php echo $_GET['Category']; ?>', '<?php echo $_GET['Product']; ?>');"

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