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Im using a library called PDFmerger , naturally, it merges pdfs together. I wish to run a cron every night that builds these to have them ready for the next day. The issue is when I run the code after the first one it fails because it is attempting to redeclare the class.

The for statement...

            foreach ($pdfs_to_build as $pdf) {

                // do stuff



And my pdf merging code that gets ran in the loop...

$pdf = new PDFMerger;

$pdf->addPDF(DIR_BOOKS.$book_path.'/static-pages/page-1.pdf', '1'); 
$pdf->addPDF(DIR_BOOKS.$book_path.'/static-pages/page-2.pdf', '1'); 

$pdf->merge('file', DIR_FINAL_PDFS.$pdf_id.'/final-build-'.$pdf_id.'.pdf');

Error after the first 1 is complete and we've onto the next one...

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class PDFMerger in /var/www/example/pdfmerger/PDFMerger.php on line 24

Im wondering is there a workaround for this?

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    duanci8209 duanci8209 2015-03-10 13:25

    The problem isn't that you're calling new PDFMerger twice, that's perfectly acceptable. The problem is that the file:


    Is being include'd (or otherwise executed) twice, which has on line 24:

    class PDFMerger {

    That is what is triggering your error, that class has already been declared. Figure out why that file is being included twice and your error will clear up.

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  • dongyipa0028 dongyipa0028 2015-03-10 13:29

    Your code is fine. That won't fail. However, not listed in what you posted, you are including PDFMerger.php. Probably by having the include 'PDFMerger.php'; shown at https://pdfmerger.codeplex.com/ run inside the loop.

    Just move that line out of the loop and/or change the include to include_once.

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