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在main.php yii中的URL设置中加密参数?

Here problem is with encrypt code in the url,

My url is this and encrypt code is at the last:


In main.php Url settings:

     'showScriptName' => false,




my action is in reload controller:

public function actionByCustomer()

    echo "test";

I am getting:

The requested URL     /localhost/reload/ByCustomer/mJYwIzoaIGe0R8lAVCqPhG/g0jJFWjiWWdPnkq5VDlY= was    
not found on this server.

Actually problem is with ByCustomer/mJYwIzoaIGe0R8lAVCqPhG%2Fg0jJFWjiWWdPnkq5VDlY%3D as it is encrypt.What Should I do to make it work?

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我的网址是 这个和加密代码是最后一个:

  http:// localhost / php_pro_106 / reload / ByCustomer / mJYwIzoaIGe0R8lAVCqPhG%2Fg0jJFWjiWWdPnkq5VDlY%3D 

在main.php Url设置中:

 'urlManager'=&gt; array(
  'showScriptName'=&gt; false,
'caseSensitive'=&gt; false,
'礼品卡/&lt; id:\ w +&gt;'=&gt;'礼品卡/索引 ',
'reload / ByCustomer /&lt; giftcode:\ w +&gt;'=&gt;'reload / ByCustomer',
'&lt; controller:\ w +&gt; /&lt; id:\ d +  &gt;'=&gt;'&lt; controller&gt; / view',
'&lt; controller:\ w +&gt; /&lt; action:\ w +&gt; /&lt; id:\ w +&gt;'  =&gt;'&lt; controller&gt; /&lt; action&gt;',
'&lt; controller:\ w +&gt; /&lt; action:\ w +&gt;'=&gt;'&lt; controller&gt; /&lt; action&gt  ;',

我的操作处于重装控制 ler:

  public function actionByCustomer()
 print_r($ _ GET); 


 在此服务器上找不到请求的URL / localhost / reload / ByCustomer / mJYwIzoaIGe0R8lAVCqPhG / g0jJFWjiWWdPnkq5VDlY =  。

实际上问题在于 ByCustomer / mJYwIzoaIGe0R8lAVCqPhG%2Fg0jJFWjiWWdPnkq5VDlY%3D ,因为它是加密的。我应该怎样做才能使它工作?

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