2014-05-15 21:28
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I am making a web application (html + php + apache + mysql) which is on a Debian server, but when I try to send any mail using the php mail function, it is not simply sent me and throws an error. I guess I should install some smtp mail service. What do you recommend that is easy for a novice user settings?

I install a library called sendmail in localhost that simulates that smpt service in WAMP server, but when I upload the code to the production server simply does not send mail.

I researched on some mail servers like postfix, but the information I get is confusing to me. I want to recommend me some effective guide, or any server that is easy to configure for a novice user in the subject.

sorry if the question is obvious, but I want effective information

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我正在制作一个在Debian服务器上的Web应用程序(html + php + apache + mysql),但是 我尝试使用php mail函数发送任何邮件,它不是简单地发送给我并抛出错误。 我想我应该安装一些smtp邮件服务。 您建议哪些用户设置很容易?

我在localhost中安装了一个名为sendmail的库,模拟WAMP服务器中的smpt服务,但是当我将代码上传到生产环境时 服务器根本就不发送邮件。

我研究了一些邮件服务器,比如postfix,但我收到的信息让我很困惑。 我想向我推荐一些有效的指南,或任何易于为主题中的新手用户配置的服务器。


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  • douewei1665 2014-05-15 21:49

    For sending a mail you just simply need a smtp client that sends a mail to a destination. You don't need to install any smtp server for just sending a mail.

    A smtp server is for receiving mails( and other stuff about mails).

    All you need to make php sending a mail is to install a smtp client like sendmail

    then edit php.ini to be like this:

    sendmail_path= sendmail -t -i

    EDIT: I guess debian has sendmail by default.

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