2013-08-06 13:16
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从Windows 7上的命令行运行PHP

I'm using Yii and a WampServer 2.4 64bit. I installed PEAR and PHPUnit manually.

I can only run the commands PHP, PEAR or PHPUnit in the install folder:


But I want to execute the commands PHP and PHPUnit from here:


So I added the path to my php.exe to my PATH environment variable like this:


But I can't call php -v on E:\wamp\wwwepo\project\protected\tests without the error message, that the command is unknown.

I followed a lot of tutorials how to add php or PHPUnit to my environment variable PATH but nothing is working.

So I realy realy hope,someone can explain me where my mistake is.

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我正在使用Yii和WampServer 2.4 64位。 我手动安装了PEAR和PHPUnit。</ p> \ n

我只能在安装文件夹中运行命令PHP,PEAR或PHPUnit:</ p>

  E:\ wamp \ bin \ php \ php5.4.12 
  </ code> </ pre> 

但是我想从这里执行命令PHP和PHPUnit:</ p>

  E:\ wamp \ www 
epo  \ project \ protected \ tests 
 </ code> </ pre> 

所以我将 php.exe </ code>的路径添加到我的PATH环境变量中,如下所示:</ p>

 ; E:\ wamp \ www \ bin \ php \ php5.4.12 
 </ code> </ pre> 

但我无法打电话 E:\ wamp \ www epo \ project \ protected \ tests </ code>上的 php -v </ code>,没有错误消息,命令未知。 </ p>

我遵循了很多教程,如何将php或PHPUnit添加到我的环境变量PATH中,但没有任何工作。 </ p>

所以我真的很希望,有人可以解释我的错误。 </ p> </ div>

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