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javascript图中使用的PHP数组数据 - codeigniter

I am using API data in a model which is passed through to a controller then to view. In one particular instance I need to do a foreach() loop but in javascript to get the data I need, please see below how I've done it.

I know this is bad practice but wanted to know what the best practice is to achieve this so I know going forward.

categories: [<?php foreach($champ_name as $champ_id => $stat_value) {
               foreach ($stat_value as $cn => $cs) {
                   if($champ_id != 0) {
                       echo '"'.$cn.'",';
            } ?>]

Thanks for looking/helping.

(PS. the above does work but I know is not the right way)

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我在模型中使用API​​数据,然后传递给控制器​​然后进行查看。 在一个特定的实例中,我需要做一个foreach()循环但是在javascript中获取我需要的数据,请看下面我是如何做到的。</ p>

我知道这是不好的做法 但想知道实现这一目标的最佳做法是什么,所以我知道前进。</ p>

  categories:[&lt;?php foreach($ champ_name as $ champ_id =&gt; $  stat_value){
 foreach($ stat_value as $ cn =&gt; $ cs){
 if($ champ_id!= 0){
 echo'“'。$ cn。'”,'; 
 </ code> </ pre> 

感谢您寻找/帮助。</ p>

(PS。以上确实有效但是 我知道这不是正确的方式)</ p> </ div>

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