2013-04-26 04:07

将表单输入存储在javascript变量中,然后将其值传递给php变量而不提交表单? [重复]

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what I want to do is whenever a user fills his address in text field input I want to grab it on blur with javascript which I am able to do .. now how to pass this variable in a php variable so that i can use it for some operations ? the javascript file is called inside php file ..

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  • douchensou6495 douchensou6495 8年前

    Pull the data from the form elements first

    var dataObject = {};
    // #search is the form with search params
    $.each($('#form name').serializeArray(), function(i, field) {
    dataObject[field.name] = field.value;

    then POST the data to the php

             type: "POST",  
             url: "./api.php",  
            data: dataObject,
            success: function(dataout) {
                //dataout is what is returned from php
                //process it how you like from here

    in php do something with POST data

       $element1 = $_POST["form_element_name1"];
       $element2 = $_POST["form_element_name2"];
       ...do something
       print $result;

    the printed result is output to dataout in the ajax function.. process from there

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  • ds9567 ds9567 8年前

    PHP is a server-side language so after the page is called from the client's computer, there is no more PHP on the page but only converted to HTML. If you want to do something with the input in PHP on blur then you have to POST (easily done with jQuery) the data to a new instance of a PHP file so it can be compiled on the server.

    Page with the form

    $.post('name_of_php_file_to_send_data_to.php', {name: value}/* <-- data to pass to the PHP file*/,function(output) {
        // do something with the returned output of the PHP file
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