2015-02-25 05:38
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使用mysql NOW()函数更新数据库中的行不能在PHP查询中工作

I am trying to use the NOW() mysql function to update the datetime column for an inserted row. The datetime column is called 'transaction'. I tried finding a similar PHP function to mirror/mimic the datetime format but couldn't find one suitable.

 $purchase = query("INSERT INTO `Portfolio`(`id`, `symbol`, `shares`, `transaction`, `transType`) VALUES ((?),(?),(?),(?),(?)) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE shares = shares + VALUES(shares)",$user,$symbol,$shs,NOW(),"BUY");

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我正在尝试使用NOW()mysql函数来更新插入行的datetime列。 datetime列称为“事务”。 我尝试找到一个类似的PHP函数来镜像/模仿日期时间格式,但找不到合适的。

  $ purchase = query(“INSERT INTO`Component`(`id  `,`symbol`,`shares`,`transaction`,`transType`)VALUES((?),(?),(?),(?),(?))ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE shares = shares + VALUES( 股票)“,$ user,$ symbol,$ shs,NOW(),”BUY“); 
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  • dongxu4580 2015-02-25 05:54

    You can use PHP date function:

    date("Y-m-d H:i:s") 

    to put current time

    or you can not bind the parameter:

    $purchase = query("INSERT INTO `Portfolio`(`id`, `symbol`, `shares`, transaction`, `transType`) VALUES (?,?,?,NOW(),?) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE shares = shares + VALUES(shares)",$user,$symbol,$shs,"BUY");
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