2014-06-22 21:04
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I have installed wordpress blog in my domain(Ex: Now i have a php file called serve.php in the root like

Now if i open the url in browser its saying page not found.

then i have added RewriteRule ^serve.php$ serve.php [L] in htaccess code, still its saying page not found.

Please give me a solution for this as soon as possible, thanks in advance.

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我在我的域中安装了wordpress博客( Ex: )。 现在我在根目录中有一个名为 serve.php 的php文件,如


然后我添加了RewriteRule ^ serve.php $ serve.php [L] in htaccess代码,仍然没有找到它的说法页。


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  • douliang7068 2014-06-22 21:40

    Wordpress templates are located in wp-content/themes/yourthemename/. Easy way to load a custom php file is to put serve.php in that folder and to make that file a page template by putting comment below at the beginning of the file:

    Template Name: Serve

    Now go to admin->pages, create a new page and assign that page template from the template dropdown. Open the url in browser ( click on Show Page in admin bar ) and serve.php will be loaded.

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