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I passed $data array to view. $data array is like:

$data = array('t0' => array('point' => 0), 't1' => array('point' => 2) .... );

What I am trying to do is using this array in my view as follows:

<?php echo $t0['point']; ?> //It works!

But I am doing this in a for loop by definition of structure. Therefore I need to pass numeric value(near 't' letter) as a variable. How can I achieve this?

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我传递 $ data 数组进行查看。 $ data 数组就像:

  $ data = array('t0'=&gt; array('point'=&gt; 0),'  t1'=&gt; array('point'=&gt; 2)....); 

我要做的是在我的数组中使用这个数组 查看如下:

 &lt;?php echo $ t0 ['point'];  ?&GT;  //它可以工作!

但是我在 for 循环中通过结构定义来做这个。 因此,我需要将数值(在' t '字母附近)作为变量传递。 我能如何实现这一目标?

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