2014-03-10 13:47
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I have array [1, 2, 55, 76, ...]

where I generate urls

Question: How to show each url for few second (3s) and redirect to next url?

My idea: use of iframe / jQuery

I am open to ideas/code/suggestions.

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我有数组 [1,2,55,76,...] < / p>


问题:如何显示每个网址几秒钟(3秒)和 重定向到下一个网址?

我的想法:使用iframe / jQuery

我愿意接受想法/代码/建议。 \ n

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  • dongluxin2452 2014-03-10 14:06

    Here's a JS solution. All URIs are written into an array by PHP, then a JS interval cycles through them:

    var urls = ['','',''];
    var current = 0;
    var interval = window.setInterval(function(){
        document.getElementById('container').innerHTML = urls[current];
        current += 1;
            if(!urls[current]) {
    }, 1000);

    On the PHP side the first line will look like this ($uris is an array with all URIs):

    echo "var urls = ['".implode("','", $uris)."']";

    Here's a JSFiddle example.

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  • douxing7101 2014-03-10 14:15

    a pretty easy JS implementation would be this:

    var interval = (function(iframe)
        var idx = 0,//current idx
            urls = <?= json_encode($urlArray); ?>;//array of urls
        iframe.src = urls[idx++];//set first url
        return setInterval(function()
        {//callback function, will be executed every 3 seconds
            iframe.src = urls[idx++];
            if (idx >= urls.length)
            {//we've just reached set last url
                idx = 0;//this resets the loop, after 3 seconds, the first url is used again
                clearInterval(interval);//end of the loop
        }, 3000);//3000 miliseconds, or every 3 seconds
    }(document.getElementById('yourIframeID')));//pass reference to your iframe here

    This line:

    <?= json_encode($urlArray) ?>

    Is, of course a PHP statement, and has to run server-side, if you can't alter the JS from PHP, you can get the urls through an ajax call

    Fiddle example

    The fiddle loops through the urls twice, and then just terminates the interval, the iframe.src statements have been commented out, since the fiddle uses a div, but you get the basic idea

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