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I'm parsing a website's table with QueryPath and trying to put my results into a MySQL database. The table looks like this:

mysql_query("CREATE TABLE Airplanes (
    flightLink TEXT( 20000 ) NOT NULL,
    orig TEXT( 20 )  NOT  NULL,
    dest VARCHAR( 20 )  NOT  NULL ,
    time VARCHAR( 5 )  NOT  NULL

I was trying to save airplanes using their flight numbers as IDs.

This is how I extract the table and the echos for shoving the variables' contents.

        $flightData = $row->find('td');
        // $flightID = str_replace(" ", "", $flightData->eq(1)->text());
        $flightID = mysql_real_escape_string( trim( $flightData->eq(1)->text() ) );
        $flightLink = mysql_real_escape_string( $flightData->eq(1)->html() );
        $orig = mysql_real_escape_string( "ROME (FCO)" );
        $dest = mysql_real_escape_string( trim( $flightData->eq(2)->text() ) );
        $time = mysql_real_escape_string( trim( $flightData->eq(4)->text() ) );

        echo '$flightID: ';
        echo var_dump($flightID)."<br>";
        echo '$orig: ';
        echo var_dump($orig)."<br>";
        echo '$dest: ';
        echo var_dump($dest)."<br>";
        echo '$time: ';
        echo var_dump($time)."<br>";

Didn't ask to echo $flightLink, that would have been pretty long. This is the output on the variables:

$flightID: string(7) "JN 5215"
$orig: string(10) "ROME (FCO)"
$dest: string(14) "TEL AVIV (TLV)"
$time: string(5) "23:45" 

This is my SQL-query:

        $insertQuery = mysql_query("INSERT INTO Airplanes (flightID, flightLink, orig, dest, time) VALUES( '$flightID', '$flightLink', '$orig', '$dest', '$time' ) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE;");
        if($insertQuery == false) die("Problem inserting flight data into table. ".mysql_error($connection));

And this is the error message I get on the input query:

Problem inserting flight data into table. You have an error in your SQL syntax; 
check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1

I've seen loads of other guys having trouble feeding MySQL with strings, almost all of them failed on quotation marks, so I bet it's gonna be something about that. Still couldn't find it though. Also grateful for feedback on improving the MySQL-table, just getting into this and not too sure about the data types.

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