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I have a CodeIgniter php setup and enhanced it with RESTful capabilities.

I have the following structure

base.php (this is the base controller class

class Base {
    private $model
    public function __construct($model = false) {
        $this->model = $model . '_model';

And then a controller which specifies a model

class Products extends Base {

    public function __construct() {

The problem is as follows: in base.php I have functions for HTTP methods (get, post, put, delete), but I am not able to call a static method from the model like so:

public function get() {
    return $this->model::loadData();

If I assign $this->model to a local variable in get() it works, but it looks ugly to me.

So my question is: how can I call a static method of a class A given the class name in a member of class B without assigning it to a new local variable in methods of class B?

P.S.: I know CodeIgniter does not look like this, but the structure of it is irrelevant to my problem.

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我有一个CodeIgniter php设置并使用RESTful功能对其进行了增强。



  class Base {
 private $ model 
  public function __construct($ model = false){
 $ this-> model = $ model.'_model'; 
 $ this-> load-> model($ this-> model); 
。  .. 


 类产品扩展基数{\  n 
 parent :: __ construct('product'); 

问题如下: 在base.php中我有HTTP方法的函数(get,post,put,delete),但是我无法从模型中调用静态方法,如下所示:

   public function get(){
 return $ this-> model :: loadData(); 

如果我指定 $ this- >模型 get()它可以工作,但它看起来很难看。

所以我的问题是:如何在给定类名的情况下调用类A的静态方法 在B类成员中没有将它分配给B类方法中的新局部变量?

PS:我知道CodeIgniter看起来不像这样,但它的结构与它无关 我的问题。

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