2012-09-21 00:15

正则表达式匹配 - 无法解决

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I've got a string that I need to parse into an array in PHP. The string looks something like this:

(Key: ALL_HTTP)(Value:HTTP_HOST: )(Key: ALL_RAW)(Value:Host: )(Key: APPL_MD_PATH)(Value:/ROOT)(Key: AUTH_TYPE)(Value:)(Key: AUTH_USER)(Value:)(Key: AUTH_PASSWORD)(Value:)(Key: LOGON_USER)(Value:)(Key: REMOTE_USER)(Value:)

The number of "key/value" pairs could be unlimited but is usually about 30-40 per string.

I've been playing with preg_match and a variation of an example from - something like this:

preg_match('/(\S+): (\S+)/', $string, $result);

That gets me back the first key as $result[0] but doesn't help for the rest.

If anyone could help me with a proper expression that would be fantastic. I'd also appreciate any good reading resources for splitting strings with PCRE.

Thanks all!

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