2012-01-29 02:02
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I'm in the middle of moving my site into the CodeIgniter framework. I've never used a MVC framework before so this is a big step.

In my old site, each page would have include("session_handler.php"); at the top of each page. This script would check session variables, authenticate sessions and store stuff in the database.

Is there a way I can have this script automatically include in every page? Can I specify it in the config? Does CI maybe have an internal way of dealing with sessions that is superior to my method?

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我正在将我的网站迁移到CodeIgniter框架中。 我之前从未使用过MVC框架,所以这是一个很大的进步。</ p>

在我的旧网站中,每个页面都有 include(“session_handler.php”); </ 代码>在每个页面的顶部。 这个脚本会检查会话变量,验证会话并在数据库中存储东西。</ p>

有没有办法让这个脚本自动包含在每个页面中? 我可以在配置中指定它吗? CI可能有一种内部方式来处理优于我的方法的会话吗?</ p> </ div>

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