2018-05-24 14:44
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使用Kartik selectbox yii2设置默认值

Please help... I am trying to set default value for this: I know it is based on Kartik select on yii2. I didn't use it before. Here is my source code I would need to set default value based on $_GET parameters. But problem is I can't set any. The source is this...

     echo $form->field($profile, 'country_id')->widget(Select2::classname(), [
        'language' => Yii::$app->language,
        'data' => ArrayHelper::map($countries, 'id', 'title_' . mb_substr(Yii::$app->language, 0, 2)),
        'theme' => Select2::THEME_BOOTSTRAP,
        'options' => [
            'id' => 'country-select',
            'placeholder' => Yii::t('frontend', 'Select a country')],
        'pluginOptions' => [
            'allowClear' => true,
    ])->label($Country, ['class' => 'label-class']) 

Where Should I set it in this case. Sorry, I just saw this plugin at first time...

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请帮助...我正在尝试为此设置默认值:我知道它是基于Kartik选择的 yii2。 我以前没用过它。 这是我的源代码,我需要根据$ _GET参数设置默认值。 但问题是我无法设置任何。 源是这个......

 echo $ form-&gt; field($ profile,'country_id') - &gt; widget(Select2 ::  classname(),[
'language'=&gt; Yii :: $ app-&gt; language,
'data'=&gt; ArrayHelper :: map($ countries,'id','title_'.mb_substr(Yii)  :: $ app-&gt; language,0,2)),
'theme'=&gt; Select2 :: THEME_BOOTSTRAP,
'options'=&gt; [
'id'=&gt;'country-select'  ,
'占位符'=&gt; Yii :: t('前端','选择国家')],
'pluginOptions'=&gt; [
'allowClear'=&gt; true,
],\  n]) - &gt;标签($ Country,['class'=&gt;'label-class'])

我应该在哪里 在这种情况下设置它。 对不起,我刚刚第一次看到这个插件......

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