dongwu4834 2018-05-15 11:17
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如何将PHP SoapClient请求示例转换为RoR?

I'd like to use some web service via its API. In documentation I found an example request written with PHP SoapClient. But I am using RoR and I have no PHP experience. Could someone tell me how should I write the same in RoR, or at least translate it to plain HTTP terminology?

  $soap = new SoapClient(“”);
  $test = $soap->TestAccess(“9999”, “anuniquekeyretrievedfromprzelewy24”);
  if ($test)
    echo ‘Access granted’;
    echo ‘Access denied’;

Edit: particularly I'd like to know what should I do with TestAccess method, because there's no methods in plain HTTP. Should I join this name with URL?

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  • dongsu4345 2018-05-15 13:31

    To make your life easier, check out a gem that allows you to simplify SOAP access, like savon.

    Then the code could be translated as

    # create a client for the service
    client = Savon.client(wsdl: '')

    This will automatically parse the possible methods to client that are offered in the SOAP API (defined in the WSDL). To list the possible operations, type


    In your case this will list

    [:test_access, :trn_refund, :trn_by_session_id, :trn_full_by_session_id, :trn_list_by_date, :trn_list_by_batch, :trn_full_by_batch, :payment_methods, :currency_exchange, :refund_by_id, :trn_register, :trn_internal_register, :check_nip, :company_register, :company_update, :batch_list, :trn_dispatch, :charge_back, :trn_check_funds, :check_merchant_funds, :transfer_merchant_funds, :verify_transaction, :register_transaction, :deny_transaction, :batch_details]

    Then to call the method, do the following

    response =, message: { test_access_in: 9999 })
    response =, message: { 
       test_access_in: 9999 }
       test_access_out: "anuniquekeyretrievedfromprzelewy24" 
     => {:test_access_response=>{:return=>false}}

    this gets a result, but I have no idea what it means.

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