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I have a Ajax form that is submitting data into my MySQL database.

I have select2 boxes that allow users to select multiple choices.

Here is an example of one box's HTLM code:

<select class="select3 form-control select2-multiple track" name="sellingmethods" id ="sellingmethods" multiple="multiple" multiple data-placeholder="Choose ...">
    <option value="Telesales">Telesales</option>
    <option value="Party Planning">Party Planning</option>
    <option value="Door to Door">Door to Door</option>
    <option value="Face to Face">Face to Face</option>
    <option value="Online Demos">Online Demos</option>
    <option value="Affiliate Link">Affiliate Link</option>
    <option value="Appointment Setting">Appointment Setting</option>

When I click submit it passes the data like this :

Example Ajax Post Data

As you can see it posts the same id of the box multiple times example seen on selling methods.

At the moment my PHP code that puts it in the DB is only putting the last item into the database.

Is there a way to put the multiple selections in separated by a comma? For example "door to door,telesales".

Here is my current PHP code :

'sellingmethods' => implode(',', $this->input->post('sellingmethods')),
'sellertype' => implode(',', $this->input->post('sellertype')),
'want2sell' => implode(',', $this->input->post('want2sell')),
'productssold' => implode(',', $this->input->post('productssold')),
'industriesrepresented' => implode(',', $this->input->post('industriesrepresented')),

Which is currently giving me the error :

implode(): Invalid arguments passed

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以下是一个框 HTLM 代码的示例: < pre> &lt; select class =“select3 form-control select2-multiple track”name =“sellingmethods”id =“sellingmethods”multiple =“multiple”multiple data-placeholder =“Choose ...”&gt; &lt; option value =“Telesales”&gt; Telesales&lt; / option&gt; &lt; option value =“Party Planning”&gt; Party Planning&lt; / option&gt; &lt; option value =“Door to Door”&gt; Door to 门&lt; /选项&gt; &lt;选项值=“面对面”&gt;面对面&lt; /选项&gt; &lt;选项值=“在线演示”&gt;在线演示&lt; / option&gt; &lt;选项 value =“Affiliate Link”&gt; Affiliate Link&lt; / option&gt; &lt; option value =“约会设置”&gt;约会设置&lt; / option&gt; &lt; / select&gt; \ n

点击提交时 它传递的数据如下:

正如您所看到它发布相同的ID 在销售方法上看到的多次示例框。


有没有办法用逗号分隔多个选项? 例如“门到门,电话销售”。


 'sellingmethods'=&gt;  implode(',',$ this-&gt; input-&gt; post('sellingmethods')),
'sellertype'=&gt;  implode(',',$ this-&gt; input-&gt; post('sellertype')),
'want2sell'=&gt;  implode(',',$ this-&gt; input-&gt; post('want2sell')),
'productssold'=&gt;  implode(',',$ this-&gt; input-&gt; post('productssold')),
'industriesrepresented'=&gt;  implode(',',$ this-&gt; input-&gt; post('industriesrepresented')),



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