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Short Version What changes (if any) can be made within the /wp-admin that would result in WP Engine committing a change to my project's git history?

Longer Version I'm migrating a Wordpress blog over to WP Engine from Pantheon. We're versioning Wordpress core and have a few plugins stored in our version control as well.

I can install a new plugin to the production environment if I do the following:

  1. In my local environment, add the source code to wp-content/plugins
  2. Make a git commit and push it to the production branch (set to git@git.wpengine.com:staging/thenameofmysite.git)

When I do this, the plugin is accessible from production. However, when I go the other way around, I experience unexpected behavior.

From within /wp-admin, I install a new plugin (eg ninjaforms). If I open an SFTP shell into my instance, I can see the plugin files living next to the ones I added via git. Success!

However, when I try to do a git pull origin master or git pull origin staging I don't receive any new files. This is unfortunate because it means that someone could add a plugin that I'm unable to pull down (which makes my local dev environment out of sync with production) or that I need to add SFTP pulls into my git workflow.

The WP Engine documentation (taken from https://wpengine.com/git/#toc_6) suggests that I shouldn't be experiencing this behavior:

WP Engine will continue to manage core updates for you. For those who version and deploy WordPress core with git, we will automatically create a new commit point and push the update back to the current branch of your repository. This will require a git pull/merge to update and sync to your local repository. If you don’t version WP core then you’ll get the upgrades as a part of our existing upgrade process.

Does anyone know when, and under what circumstances, a commit of this kind of commit might be created? The git pull process seems relatively well documented, but I can't seem to find any resources anywhere about the rules governing WP Engine-created pulls, how they handle merge conflicts, etc...

图片转代码服务由CSDN问答提供 功能建议

短版 在/ wp-中可以进行哪些更改(如果有) 管理员会导致WP引擎对我的项目的git历史记录进行更改吗?

更长的版本 我正在从Pantheon将Wordpress博客迁移到WP引擎 。 我们正在对Wordpress核心进行版本控制,并在我们的版本控制中也存储了一些插件。


  1. 在我的本地环境中,将源代码添加到 wp-content / plugins
  2. 进行git提交并将其推送 到生产分支(设置为 git@git.wpengine.com:staging/ thenameofmysite.git

    当我这样做时 这个插件可以从生产中访问。 但是,当我走相反的路时,我会遇到意想不到的行为。

    在/ wp-admin中,我安装了一个新的插件(例如ninjaforms)。 如果我在我的实例中打开SFTP shell,我可以看到插件文件位于我通过git添加的文件旁边。 成功!

    然而,当我尝试做 git pull origin master git pull origin staging 时,我没有收到任何 新文件。 这是不幸的,因为这意味着有人可以添加一个我无法下载的插件(这使我的本地开发环境与生产不同步)或者我需要将SFTP拉入我的git工作流程。

    WP Engine文档(摘自 https://wpengine.com/git/# toc_6 )表明我不应该遇到这种情况:

    WP引擎将继续为您管理核心更新。 对于那些使用git版本和部署WordPress核心的人,我们将自动创建一个新的提交点并将更新推送回存储库的当前 分支。 这将需要git pull / merge来更新并同步到本地存储库。 如果您没有版本WP核心 那么您将获得升级作为我们现有升级过程的一部分。

    有谁知道什么时候, 在什么情况下,可能会创建这种提交的提交? git pull 进程似乎记录得比较好,但我似乎无法找到任何关于管理WP引擎创建的拉动规则,它们如何处理合并冲突等的资源......

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