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First, i have use aes_encrypt to encrypt the password

enter image description here

Then i have use aes_decrypt to decrypt the password

enter image description here

The issue is when i try to echo out the data in a table using <?php echo $row['pass'];?>, there'll be an error

"Undefined index: pass in"

SQL insert

insert into username (userName,pass) values('$userName', aes_encrypt('$pass','k'))

SQL select

SELECT UserNameID,userName,aes_decrypt(pass,'k') from username

What went wrong?

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首先,我使用 aes_encrypt 来加密密码 \ n

然后我使用 aes_decrypt 来解密密码 \ n

问题是当我尝试使用 &lt;?来回显表中的数据时 php echo $ row ['pass'];?&gt; ,会出现错误

“Undefined index:pass in”

SQL insert

插入用户名(userName,pass)值('$ userName', aes_encrypt ('$ pass','k'))

SQL select

SELECT UserNameID,userName 来自用户名<,aes_decrypt(传递,'k') / p>


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