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I am trying to find the time difference between two time values in the format H:mm:ss using PHP.

When I tried with the following code, I'm getting the difference 01:00:20 instead of 00:00:20. What's wrong with my code?

$start_time = strtotime("0:17:14");
$end_time = strtotime("0:17:34");
$diff = $end_time - $start_time;
echo date('H:i:s', $diff);

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    我试图用PHP格式 H:mm:ss 找到两个时间值之间的时差。

    当我尝试使用以下代码时,我得到了差异 01:00:20 而不是 00:00:20 。 我的代码出了什么问题?

      $ start_time = strtotime(“0:17:14”); 
     $ end_time = strtotime(“0:17:34”);  
     $ diff = $ end_time  -  $ start_time; 
    echo date('H:i:s',$ diff); 
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  • du7535 2017-11-09 03:36

    Your $diff variable is not a timestamp, it's a duration/interval. The date() function is intended to format timestamps, and won't properly handle intervals like you're expecting.

    Instead, try using the DateTime class to read your timestamps, and turn the difference between them into a DateInterval using DateTime::diff(). You can then use DateInterval::format to get the output you want.

    Something like this should work:

    $start_time = new DateTime("0:17:14");
    $end_time = new DateTime("0:17:34");
    $diff = $end_time->diff($start_time);
    echo $diff->format('%H:%I:%S');
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