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I have different multidimensional arrays with different keys and values:

$array_1 = array('cars' => array('audi' => array('a3' => array('one', 'two', 'three'), 'a5' => array('five', 'six', 'seven')), 'mercedes' => array('type_1' => array('submodel' => array('whatever'))), 'other_cat' => array('different_things')));

then I would like to unset a specific key, for example:


Now I like to "split it up", to have the key variable.

$to_unset = ['cars']['audi']['a5']; 

How can I unset that specific (variable!) key?


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  $ array_1 = array('cars'=> array('audi'=> array('a3'=> array('one','two','three'),'a5'=>数组 ('five','six','seven')),'mercedes'=> array('type_1'=> array('submodel'=> array('whatever'))),'other_cat'=  > array('different_things'))); 

然后我想取消设置一个特定的键,例如: < pre> unset($ array_1 ['cars'] ['audi'] ['a5']);

现在我喜欢“拆分它” up,以获得关键变量。

  $ to_unset = ['cars'] ['audi'] ['a5'];  



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  • dpca4790 2017-11-09 16:49

    An easy utility to avoid removing array keys that do not exist by accident:

    function removeArrayKey($path, &$array ) {
        $array_temp = &$array;
        $previousItem = null;
        $path_bits = explode( ".", $path );
            foreach( $path_bits as &$path_bit ) {
               if( !isset( $array_temp[ $path_bit ] ) ) {
                      die("Error" . $path_bit);
                       //throw new Exception( "Path does not exist in array" );
                $previousItem = &$array_temp;
                $array_temp = &$array_temp[ $path_bit ];
            if( isset( $previousItem ) ) {
                 unset( $previousItem[ $path_bit ] );
            return $array;

    To use the function, simply use removeArrayKey( "", $array_1 ); and separate each array index with a .

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  • douxidang9092 2017-11-09 16:46

    So as i see your problem, you'd like to save your array path into a variable. You can solve this problem on two different ways:

    Save every key into a variable

    The way i would do it, if my array structure looks always the same (e.g. [cars][type][model]). You can save the key to delete into a variable:

    $cars = 'cars';
    $type = 'audi';
    $model = 'a5';

    This will work excellent in a for(each) loop.

    Saving your keys into an array

    This method will save your problem, but it is not the best option. You can save all the keys you like to unset into an array. This way can cause many bugs and you should reconsider your array structure, if this way is your solution.

    // arrays start at 0
    $to_unset = [
        0 => 'cars',
        1 => 'audi',
        2 => 'a5',

    An other possible option here is to name the keys of the $to_unset array.

    // arrays start at 0
    $to_unset = [
        'cars' => 'cars',
        'type' => 'audi',
        'model' => 'a5',
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  • dongmei9961 2017-11-09 17:04

    You can probably go with eval but it's not recommended.

    eval('unset($array_1' . $to_unset . ');');
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