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使用PHP openssl函数获取公钥长度

I'm trying to get php to report the public key length of a certificate as a representation of bits.

e.g. 1024, 2048, 4096 etc.

I've trawled though countless functions on the PHP docs for answers or a steer in the right direction. Cant for the life of me work out a function that will provide this data.

openssl_pkey_get_details() seemed like the way to go. But cant find a way to give it the public key in the first place.

Currently i can parse the certificate. However this doesn't include the public key or bits information.


$cert = $_POST['cert_text'];
$ssl = openssl_x509_parse($cert);
echo json_encode($ssl);


The $cert variable above is a PEM format certificate file. So in the format of


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例如 1024,2048,4096等。

我已经在PHP文档中搜索了无数函数,以获得答案或指导方向正确。 不能为我的生活找到一个能提供这些数据的函数。

openssl_pkey_get_details()似乎是要走的路。 但是无法找到一种方法来首先给它公钥。

目前我可以解析证书。 但是,这不包括公钥或位信息。

 $ cert = $ _ POST ['cert_text']; 
 $ ssl  = openssl_x509_parse($ cert); 
echo json_encode($ ssl); 

上面的$ cert变量是PEM格式证书文件 。 所以格式为

  ----- BEGIN CERTIFICATE ----- 
 ----- END CERTIFICATE  ----- 
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