2017-07-28 07:31
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I'm building a WordPress plugin for the first time and I would like to ask how does a WordPress plugin handles a typical form submission.

So for example if I am creating a search plugin with the url at http://wordpress/plugin-name/search, how do I display to the user the result page at http://wordpress/plugin-name/result ? Do I have to create the result page and send user to the page programatically within the plugin itself?

Any resources or example that I could get would be much appreciated!


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我是第一次构建一个WordPress插件,我想问一下WordPress插件如何处理 典型的表单提交。</ p>

例如,如果我创建一个搜索插件,其网址为 http:// wordpress / plugin-name / search ,如何在 http:// wordpress / plugin-name / result ? 我是否必须创建结果页面并在插件本身内以编程方式将用户发送到页面?</ p> < p>我非常感谢任何可以获得的资源或示例!</ p>

谢谢。</ p> </ div>

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