2017-07-28 10:30
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SonarQube PHP // @ codingStandardsIgnoreStart / End等效代码块忽略

I'm analyzing a PHP project with Sonarqube 6.4 using the PHP plugin and while we develop, we use the PSR2 //@codingStandardsIgnoreStart //@codingStandardsIgnoreEnd in order to ignore broken rules in a block of code. That lavels are not working with sonarqube analysis and NOSONAR only works for a line of code as far as I know. But I want an ignore way for a block of code.

I saw Sonarqube had something similar in the past using //CHECKSTYLE:OFF / ON. Is there a way to do that with the Sonarqube 6.4 version for PHP projects?

Thank you.

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我正在使用PHP插件分析Sonarqube 6.4的PHP项目,在我们开发时,我们使用PSR2 / / @ codingStandardsIgnoreStart // @ codingStandardsIgnoreEnd,以便忽略代码块中的破坏规则。 这个级别不适用于sonarqube分析和 NOSONAR只适用于我所知道的一行代码。 但我想要一个代码块的忽略方式。</ p>

我看到Sonarqube过去使用// CHECKSTYLE:OFF / ON有类似的东西。 有没有办法用于PHP项目的Sonarqube 6.4版本?</ p>

谢谢。</ p> </ div>

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