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Below is the simple code to call the ajax but when I click submit button,it doesn't work. I did echo "hello world"; in second file "test.php". Can someone get me out of this?

        <title>AJAX TUTORIAL</title>
        <script src= "jqueryy.js"></script>
        //var user_email=$("#email").val();
            <div id="box">
            <input type="text" name="email" id="email"/>
            <input type="submit" name="sub" id="sub" value="Submit"/>
            <div id="result">



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下面是调用ajax的简单代码,但是当我单击“提交”按钮时,它不起作用。 我确实回应了“你好世界”; 在第二个文件“test.php”中。 有人可以让我离开吗?

 &lt; html&gt; 
&lt; head&gt; 
&lt; title&gt; AJAX TUTORIAL&lt; / title&gt; 
&lt; script src  =“jqueryy.js”&gt;&lt; / script&gt; 
&lt; script&gt; 
  // var user_email = $(“#email”)。val(); 
 $ .post(“test.php”,function(data){
 $(“#result”)。html(data); \  n}); 
&lt; / script&gt; 
&lt; / head&gt; 
&lt; body&gt; 
&lt; div id =“box”&gt; 
&lt;  input type =“text”name =“email”id =“email”/&gt; 
&lt; input type =“submit”name =“sub”id =“sub”value =“Submit”/&gt; 
&lt;  ; div id =“result”&gt; 
&lt; / div&gt; 
&lt; / div&gt; 
&lt; / body&gt; 
&lt; / html&gt; 
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