2017-04-08 10:16



I have a domain in godaddy and would like to host my website in my local server. I don't know the entire process, can someone please help me?

I am using wordpress. In xampp I installed wordpress and run my website locally, I want to point this local site to my domain

I know my question isn't clear,

  1. my site is running locally with out any problems
  2. am already purchased the domain in Godaddy.
  3. I want to link my website with domain name.

I have a Windows 2012 R2 on a dedicated physical server Installed XAMPP on the server running my website locally.

What is the procedure for linking my local website with domain name?

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  • douzhi7082 douzhi7082 4年前

    If you're running it locally make sure you've opened port 80, and make sure your ISP knows you are hosting a web server as they normally require a business plan for large amounts of traffic.

    I would suggest getting web hosting or a VPS and make sure you're pointing the A record @ and the A record www to your IP.

    Don't know your IP? Google "what's my IP"

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  • doudieheng5322 doudieheng5322 4年前
    1. Find an IP of your server
    2. Configure your domain to point to the IP of your server
    3. Setup your server to handle sub-domains properly, if needed, all required rewrites etc.

    I hope there must by some help from Godaddy, how to link your IP to your domain name.

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