2017-03-31 15:15
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如果我通过vagrant box添加家园,那么homestead.yaml在哪里?

According to I can install Laravel Homestead by doing vagrant box add laravel/homestead. Installing by cloning the git repo is another way but it's not the only way listed nor is it even the first method listed.

Anyway, the next section of the documentation is Configuring Homestead. It talks about homestead.yaml a lot but idk where that file lives. Maybe there are additional steps in the install process that neglects to mention?

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根据 我可以通过 vagrant box add laravel / homestead 来安装Laravel Homestead。 通过克隆git repo进行安装是另一种方式,但它不是列出的唯一方式,也不是列出的第一种方法。

无论如何,文档的下一部分是配置Homestead 即可。 它谈论了homestead.yaml很多但是idk在那个文件存在的地方。 也许安装过程中有其他步骤 < / a>忽略提及?

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  • duanniesui6391 2017-03-31 15:56

    no its not one or the other, but the 2 steps are necessary

    1. install the vagrant box running vagrant box add laravel/homestead

    2. install homestead from cloning the git repo

      $ cd ~
      $ git clone Homestead
      $ cd Homestead
      $ bash
    3. Review the Homestead configuration

    open the Homestead.yaml file and check all the configuration

    1. boot the VM once you have configured your homestead file

      $ vagrant up
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