2017-03-13 14:26
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如何在Windows 10命令提示符下运行PHP脚本时打印出平方根符号?

For a PHP (5.6) script that is run in the command line I am attempting to print the square root symbol but am failing to do so. Instead I get junk characters.

I have already read the many questions/answers on printing unicode characters from PHP CLI to the command line but none relate exactly to my example.

I am on Windows 10 using the standard command prompt (cmd.exe) which I am happy using.

I am using the Consolas font and have run chcp 65001 to set the prompt to utf-8. *Have also tried Lucida console*.

// Square root symbol

echo "\u221A";
echo "\xe2\x88\x9a";
echo '√';

I have tried iconv(), json_decode(), mb_convert_encoding() and pack() all unsuccessfully.

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对于在命令行中运行的PHP(5.6)脚本,我试图打印平方根符号但是 我没有这样做。 相反,我得到了垃圾字符。

我已经阅读了许多关于从PHP CLI打印unicode字符到命令行的问题/答案,但没有一个与我的例子完全相关。 \ n

我在Windows 10上使用标准命令提示符(cmd.exe),我很高兴使用它。

我正在使用Consolas字体并运行 chcp 65001 将提示设置为utf-8。 *还试过Lucida console *。

echo“\ u221A”; 
echo“\ xe2 \ x88 \ x9a”; 
echo'  √'; 

我试过 iconv() json_decode() mb_convert_encoding( ) pack()都没有成功。

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