2017-03-09 23:04
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Alright, so I have 8 (Bitmap) images to be inserted in my database, through PHP,and I want to ask the logic on how can I create a Progress Dialog, that is 0% - 100%. I cant show any code to you because I haven't started it yet but I think I should use Asynctask right?

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好吧,所以我有8个(位图)图像插入我的数据库,通过PHP,我想要 询问如何创建进度对话框的逻辑,即0% - 100%。 我不能向你展示任何代码,因为我还没有启动它,但我想我应该使用 Asynctask 吧?

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  • doujia1939 2017-03-10 04:53

    yes you can upload image using multipart in Asynctask See demo put asynctask in for loop till total number of images that you want to upload

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