2017-02-25 15:11
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Body是json但request-> get()返回null

I posted an object from postman to controller with Laravel 5.2 but when i want to get an field with $request->get('receiver_name') response return null

postman screen shot :

enter image description here

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我使用Laravel 5.2将一个对象从邮递员发布到控制器,但是当我想要一个带 $的字段时 request-> get('receiver_name')响应返回null


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  • douyi8408 2017-02-26 22:52

    Your problem is caused by the value of the field "receiver_cell_phone" which is invalid, because it is a number starting with a zero.

    In short, in JSON leading zeros are not supporting. If you have a field that may have leading zeros, treat it as a string.

    Change your post field to:

    "receiver_cell_phone": "0983242342"
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