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PHP call_user_func_array:如何将所有参数作为单个数组传递?

I am using call_user_func_array in an MVC structure to point to a controller and method and pass the parameters of the URL:

// At this point, $url is an array with nothing but parameters

$this->params = $url ? array_values($url) : []; //

call_user_func_array([$this->controller, $this->method], $this->params); 

Now when I use this:

class Home extends Controller {

    public function index($param1=null, $param2=null) { // Ugly...

      // .. continue

Is there any way to send all the parameters to the class method as one single array? There's no telling if there are any parameters to begin with, and if there are, there's no telling how many. I don't want to have to do:

public function index($param1=null, $param2=null, $param3=null, $param4=null) {

I'm looking to do:

public function index($params) {

  if (isset($params[0])) {

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我在MVC结构中使用 call_user_func_array 指向控制器和方法并通过 URL的参数:

  //此时,$ url是一个只有参数的数组
 $ this-> params = $ url?  array_values($ url):[];  // 
call_user_func_array([$ this-> controller,$ this-> method],$ this-> params);  


  class Home extends Controller {
公共函数索引(  $ param1 = null,$ param2 = null){//丑陋...... 
 // ..继续

有没有办法发送全部 作为单个数组的类方法的参数? 不知道是否有任何参数可以开始,如果有,那就不知道有多少参数。 我不想这样做:

 公共函数索引($ param1 = null,$ param2 = null,$ param3 = null,$ param4 = null){\  n   


 公共函数索引($ params){
 if  (isset($ params [0])){
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