dtvjl64442 2016-11-26 09:31
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I'm trying to paginate the search results returned by the query. I have the following URL:


Where I am trying to get the value of $start=5 from the URL using:

$start = $this->uri->segment(3);

It is not returning anything.

Where removing ?query=post, i.e, blog/search/5 works fine. But I want to keep the query parameter and read the value.

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  • dpmwy80068 2016-11-26 09:46

    That's because of the ? character in the URI. CodeIgniter URI parser (and any other standard URI parser) does not recognize what you have in mind. After the ? character, it's all query string, not URI segments. See the output of PHP's parse_url():

        "path" => "blog/search",
        "query" => "query=post/5",

    See? The first segment is blog, the second is search and the rest is the querystring.

    You need to change your URI design in an standard way. For example:


    So that the call to $this->uri->segment(3) will return what you have in mind.

    Speaking of CodeIgniter pagination library, see reuse_query_string and page_query_string configs in the documentation.

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