2016-10-16 18:26
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I am using one app named, sms-hw in which I have worked before.

I recently created another app protected-peak, Immediately after creating this app, i tried pushing my work with git push hero master I got a statement saying that

saying it uploaded the work to my old app sms-hw

I actually wanted to upload it to protected peak

how to manage many apps like these, can i add the name somewhere, so as to avoid the confusion

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我正在使用一个名为 sms-hw 的应用程序。

我最近创建了另一个应用程序 protected-peak ,在创建此应用程序后,我立即尝试用 git push hero master 推动我的工作 我收到一条声明说

说它将工作上传到我的旧应用 sms-hw

我其实想要 将其上传到 protected peak

如何管理这些应用程序,我可以在某处添加名称,以免造成混淆 \ n

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  • dregduc63699 2016-10-16 20:11

    Assuming you have Heroku toolbelt installed and you are already logged in:

    On the repository you want to deploy to your new app use:

    heroku git:remote --app protected-peak

    You specify the app name when adding the heroku git remote now that you have more than one app. The command above will set the heroku remote to your new app. So after running it just use:

    git push heroku master

    More information on Heroku deploy with git here.

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