2016-04-13 15:30
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Doctrine QueryBuilder HAVING表达式

OK, so I'm rewriting some code, using Doctrine ORM (2.5).

The old code creates a query that has something like this:

SELECT * FROM couples INNER JOIN individuals ON ( = individuals.couple_id)
HAVING SUM(individuals.date_of_birth <= '1976-01-01') > 0

I have no clue how to implement this best using the Doctrine QueryBuilder. This is a very simplified example, the real query is much longer and has a few HAVING clauses, all of which use SUM(some_condition) > 0 to ensure that only Couples that contain a matching Individual will be retrieved.

I can add having clauses in Doctrine using $queryBuilder->having(), but I cannot do so using the SUM() function. Any ideas?

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好的,所以我正在使用Doctrine ORM(2.5)重写一些代码。 \ n


  SELECT * FROM将INNER JOIN个人联系起来( = persons.couple_id)
HAVING SUM(persons.date_of_birth&lt; ='1976-01-01')&gt;  0 

我不知道如何使用Doctrine QueryBuilder实现这一目标。 这是一个非常简化的示例,真正的查询更长,并且有一些HAVING子句,所有这些都使用 SUM(some_condition)&gt; 0 以确保只检索包含匹配个体的Couples。

我可以使用 $ queryBuilder-&gt; having()<在Doctrine中添加having子句 / code>,但我不能使用 SUM()函数。 有什么想法吗?

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