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在posix regex c ++中等于pcre正则表达式

Hello this is my string

Data1 = "value1";
Data2 = "value2";
Data3 = "value3";

in php i am using this regex

preg_match("/\h*(.*?)\h*[=]\h*[\"](.*?)[\"]\h*[;]/mis", $input_line, $output_array);

and get 3 result

Data1 = "value1";

now i want to use regex in c++ visual studio to do like this (what i done in php). i know we can't find


in c++ regex so please say to me what regex i must use for c++?

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    duan051347 duan051347 2016-02-20 15:30

    \h matches horizontal whitespace.
    It includes tabulations and unicode spaces. It's the same as [\t\p{Zs}]

    If you don't want to match all unicode spaces, you can simply use [\t ] that matches tabulations and simple spaces.

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