2016-02-16 11:51
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I'm looking for a file upload with a nice JavaScript progress bar. For development, I run nginx 1.9.11 with PHP 7 (FastCGI) on Windows.

Everybody says that any PHP solution will not work, since nginx is buffering the upload and only pass it to PHP when it's finished (i.e. 100%). So - to be honest - I didn't even try it ;-)

The solution seems to be the NGINX Upload Progress Module. Unfortunately I can't find any Windows binaries anywhere :-(

Is there a chance to get this module running on Windows? Any ideas anybody?

P.S.: I'm using Symfony 2.8.2 - but I guess that's irrelevant for that matter ;-)

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我正在寻找一个带有很好的JavaScript进度条的文件上传。 对于开发,我在 Windows上使用PHP 7(FastCGI)运行nginx 1.9.11。

每个人都说任何PHP解决方案都不起作用,因为nginx正在缓冲 上传,只有在完成后才传递给PHP(即100%)。 所以 - 说实话 - 我甚至没有尝试过;-)

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  • dstobkpm908182 2016-02-16 22:54

    If you want something server independly, you can just upload the files with AJAX and then make a progressbar in Javascript.

    A good example of a jquery file upload plugin would be blueimp jquery file upload.

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