2015-12-21 12:20



I Try to access my localhost database which i created with phpmyadmin from dreamweaver. I did successfully setup site and server. I could see my site in the browser with localhost. But when i try to connect from dreamweaver and try to select database it says Your PHP server doens't have the MySQL module loaded or you can't use the mysql_(p)connect functions.

I'm using mac os x el captian and MAMP for the servers.

Thank you for your help


PDO support enabled PDO drivers mysql, sqlite, pgsql

in this image i couldn't connect database i can connect with PDO but how can i see the database and bindings in here???

enter image description here

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  • dsstlsqt696435 dsstlsqt696435 6年前

    Try to echo mysql_error() This will give you actual connection error details

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