2015-12-08 16:27
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I want to replace 'date' function with another function. Using 'rename_function' and 'override_function' are a solution for me, but is there any other way to solve the problem without using PECL extension?

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我想用另一个函数替换'date'函数。 使用'rename_function'和'override_function'对我来说是一个解决方案,但是有没有其他方法可以在不使用PECL扩展的情况下解决问题?

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  • douzhan8395 2015-12-12 13:33

    This isn't a perfect solution because you must add use function in your php files. (use function works on php 5.6.0 or above):

    namespace OverriddenFunctions {
        function target($arg1) {
            return "Overridden result!"
    namespace {
        use function OverriddenFunctions\target;
        echo target('arg1');

    Thanks to Mark Baker.

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